Stay Up to Date with the Quality of Your Differential

Have you ever wondered why when turning your inside doesn’t slip or slide across the pavement? After all, it is moving at a slower speed than the outside wheel and should be getting dragged along. This would absolutely be the case if it were not for a nifty system called the differential. The differential is a gearbox that sits on the axle and controls torque to the individual tires. The mechanics in our service center are able to inspect and service your differential if you start to notice the slippage mentioned above.

The first step in transferring power from the motor to the tires is the car's transmission. Depending on the gear you are in the transmission adjusts the torque levels as necessary and sends the power down to the drive train. If the car is driving in a straight line than no other adjustments need to be made. But since we obviously have to turn occasionally, there will be many times that the tires need to rotate at different speeds. Essentially, the differential acts as a secondary transmission of sorts and makes the needed adjustments.

It can be difficult to diagnose a failing differential, so this best approach to schedule a yearly vehicle inspection at Bob Riding Westown Ford of Jacksonville and make it a part of the process.

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